White (and Dark and Delicate) Trash

Yesterday, I went downstairs to grab my laundry out of the washer, and I find out that some woman has already taken them out and put them in my basket. She was in the middle of heaping her particulars in the machine.

There must have been four empty washers when I came in, so I was too confused and stunned to give her a tongue lashing. Then I noticed her laundry “basket”.

It was a institution-sized garbage pail. You know, the kind that has its own wheels.

It turns out that Ms. Whites/Darks/Delicates Trash used FIVE of the six available washers. Must have been Laundry Month. It appears to have been such a complex, large-scale, pipeline processing operation, she even had Ziploc containers of food with her.

(note: I really wish they could set up a CCTV camera in the laundry. Or maybe a webcam. My dream would be to have all the machines web-enabled, so you can track exactly how much time is left in each machine. I could even write an app to hide in my system tray. God, I’m such a geek.) :lamer: