Chinese New Year in Vegas

I guess what’s unlucky for you is lucky for me, right? I read this bizarre excerpt about “Las Vegas turns red for Chinese New Year”

There are 31 luxury villas at The Mansion in MGM Grand, but the numbers go from one to 34, bypassing unlucky 8, 18 and 28.

“Seven’s all right. Eight. You don’t want to look at eight. You don’t see eights in any of our villas,” [MGM Mirage CEO Terry Lanni] said.

Someone should tell Mr. Lanni that the number eight is the luckiest number for an Asian gambler to have. The number eight stands for prosperity and wealth. Only players with million dollar accounts are invited to stay at The Mansion. Unless this is on purpose, although I’d hardly think the house needs to jinx its players!

But it’s true that Chinese are pretty serious about gambling (there is even a subgenre of Hong Kong movies all about gambling its flamboyant lifestyle; see the “God of Gambling” series); you’ll see quite a few Chinese high rollers hunkered down in Pai Gow poker this time of year.

Year of the Pig

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