Global snacks

My dad travels a fair bit, and he’s been recently giving me all manners of snacks he’s picked up on the odd airplane or hotel around the globe. 

Global snacks

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Dragonair peanuts (double-wrapped in plastic with its own serviette)
  • Lay’s paprika flavoured chips from the Netherlands
  • Cereal mix from Switzerland
  • Cathay Pacific peanuts, from Hong Kong
  • Arnott’s biscuits, Australia
  • Walker’s shortbread cookies, Scotland

Not shown is a TimeOut bar from Dubai that has been consumed by my wife. The most interesting thing I find about the chocolate bars he brings me is how “clean” their packaging looks – I suppose its because they only need to say what they need to say in one language instead of two.

One thought on “Global snacks”

  1. :)On a trip to the USA, as I wandered a grocery store, I was wondering why all the packages looked “the same but different”. I first concluded that they all looked bigger and emptier…then realized that because, as you say, only one language was needed, all the fonts were larger and there was a lot more “dead air space” making them look empty. Doh! 😛

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