In space, no one can hear you spend

While looking at the live webfeed of the Christie’s Star Trek auction two weeks ago, I caught a good glimpse of some of the innards of the Christie’s Star Trek: The Collection auction catalogue. And so, I had a moment of weakness. I logged in and bought the damn thing.

The next day, we went off to Silverlotus’s parents for some Thanksgiving turkey, and the very next day after that, this arrived in the mail.

It was really expensive, at $60 US plus $19 shipping. It’s two silver-covered full-size paperbacks on heavy-stock glossy paper – the entire package weighed in at an impressive 4 lbs. They thoughtfully also included the two Star Passes, which would allow me into the auction room should I ever come across a time machine.

The text in the books are identical to the online catalogue – even the interesting bits of trivia – but you really need to read this in book form to comprehend the enormity of memorabilia here. Data’s poker visor! Vulcan mummies! Worf’s spine! It’s full colour and the pictures are rather handsome, although I’m still nursing a bit of buyer’s remorse. Hopefully it’ll be worth something someday; apparently only 10,000 copies have been printed.

The source address was also a street in New Jersey called Enterprise Drive, so that was pretty nice.

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