Back from the USA

Just polished off a three day shopping vacation in the US of A, or Port Huron, Michigan to be precise. I’ve been to the States several times, but never to the Midwest and never really stopped to see what it was like to simply live there.

What sort of differences I see from Ontario? Well, Port Huronians sure like their big box outlet stores. Sidewalks are optional (I don’t think I saw more than a dozen people walking outside the downtown core). They also like their Big Boys and White Castles. Lots and lots of flags, everywhere. Really, really low sales tax (6%). Oh, and milk in plastic jugs! I know milk in clear plastic bags is a uniquely Canadian thing but milk in jugs still throws me.

No streetlights on the interstate. No daytime running lights on cars. Speaking of driving, did they use a chain gang to build the I-94? The highway was riddled with potholes that striped the asphalt. I envision each convict being assigned to maintaining each of these “stripes”, and it just so happens that Chuckles did a worse job than Jimmy the Knife next to him or something.

Random musing: Do TGIF and Ruby Tuesdays experience better business on Fridays and Tuesdays, respectively, due to psychological word association?

2 thoughts on “Back from the USA”

  1. it’s not that bad here. And I am really suprised those outlet stores are still open. I think only tourists go there. Try downtown next time.

  2. I had no idea Canada didn’t get milk in plastic jugs. How odd that our countries are so close yet we know so little of each others shopping habits.
    Very nice blog, this is my first visit. I will stop back again

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