Choice writing: Fry for me, Argentina

cow-and-cat.jpgMaciej Ceglowski waxes on about eating steak in Argentina, where beef is cultivated from feral, free-roaming, pampas-munching bovines and prepared with near-religious care. (The folks at Metafilter unanimously agree, and that’s no small feat.) Here’s an excerpt:

The afternoon steak is the workhorse steak, the backbone of the day. It’s the steak that gets you around the city, ensures a successful nap, steers you into the bar and (most importantly) gives you the mental clarity to choose the right cut of meat in the restaurant that night. Misorder the first steak and you will either find yourself losing steam by eight o’clock, when no restaurant is open, or scampering to find an awkward third bridge steak, to tide you over until dinner.

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