SSPX0047doggy.jpgSorry for the radio silence. I saw this dog in Bloor West Village on Sunday. I felt like this dog.

I’ve just come back from a very hectic week out of town on a business trip. 18 hour days, lots of narcoleptic-esque sleeping while sitting in chairs, an encounter with a breathalyzer (blew triple zeros), and a lot of climbing of ladders and fiddling with plasma screens and SXGA projectors. This was all followed by a ride home in a schoolbus for 5 hours to Timmins, then a 2 hour flight back to Toronto at 4am this morning, so I was taking things easy on Sunday. Fortunately the deliverable is done; mission accomplished!

Best conversation of the trip: a coworker was talking about another person’s propensity to pronounce the noted beverage – now with 5% real juice – known as “Orangina” __(orange-jee-nah)__ as __orange_jie-nah__:

“You can tell what’s always on HIS mind!” he joked.

“You mean the capital of Saskatchewan, right?” I winked back.

“The capital of Sas-Cat-Chew-On, is more like it…”

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