Like that stupid robot says at the end of Millennium…

mrG whimsically writes about the so-called End of the World, kickin’ it live Mayan style in 2012:

The elders add that the tipping point acceding to the Fifth Sky doesn’t actually tip on its own; we must use our inner magic to tip it — Sun Ra told us we can change our destiny if we just ask Fate, when Fate is in a pleasant mood; on 12-12-21, say the Mayan elders, Fate will be in a very good mood indeed.

I personally love how he describes the death-and-rebirth prophecy to a laudromat – “changes in cycles are essential stages in any cleansing process”.

One thought on “Like that stupid robot says at the end of Millennium…”

  1. Egad, you’re right! I hadn’t really noticed the parallel, but it’s true.

    Now I’m really worried.

    I hope the Maytag Repair guy is on-call that day. Just in case. 😉

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