Real life spam

a920%20SSPX0027%20Vigora.jpg I saw this sign in front of a health food store on Bloor West Village. It’s for Vigora!

The first thing that came to my mind was those old Ricola commercials, the one with the Swedish yodeler and his, er, giant horn. Is that wrong?

Is it a knockoff of Viagra? Heavens no. They probably never heard of it. Just a coincidence. This is Vigora we’re talking about! Apparently it’s all natural, herbal, tested only on volunteer animals, and just super great. Or words to this effect. Personally, I find the only way to keep my “partner smiling for a week” – as the sign attests in that nudge nudge wink wink way – is to buy her a bag of tortilla chips and seven layer dip.

But hey, chicks dig guys who take placebos from signs written in endearing but broken English. I’ll let the sign speak for itself: “Get Super Energy!”

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