Chained bikes, set free.

codexlagman_037p.jpgI’ve always wondered why bikes get abandoned. My bike is very personal to me. Did their caregivers die, did they forget, or did they just become enamored with a shiny new distraction?

CBC Radio 3’s “Left Behind: When the Wheels Stop Turning” photo montage likens it to heartbreak.

But earlier this month in Toronto, a bunch of urban guerillas called the the City Beautification Ensemble took to the streets to give these abandoned wheels one last chance at glory. They are the Pedals and Paint, and these are their loving creations.

One thought on “Chained bikes, set free.”

  1. This is an infamous one because it actually belonged to someone. A couple in fact. They or their condo complained to a local council office and the TPSC/CBE apologized and made reparations.

    Duncan Walker

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