And don’t ask her “how much is this with tax”

Running a video store is a particularily heinous form of hell, as Silverlotus can attest to when she worked at EB Games. Even though it was a corporate chain store, profit margins were still razor thin. They made the managers pimp these $40 contraptions called Disc Doctors that supposedly removed scratches off compact discs.

So I can sympathize when I read Eric Grissom’s Untold Stories of the Indie Game Store:

If you wanted to order four PS2s you would have to buy eight copies of Killzone and a half a pound of Celebrity Deathmatch. The same was true for Xbox. Things got even worse by the time the PSP hit. The MSRP for the PSP is $249.99. Your price? $280 plus $150 worth of those same PS2 games they couldn

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