In the bag

This weekend, Silverlotus told me, “My purse is too small!”

I looked at the bag. It didn’t seem to have shrunk in size. But no, she insisted, she now had more stuff to carry. Just the essential stuff, mind you, like the cellphone, iPod Shuffle, Handspring, a notepad, and the usual toiletries.

Personally, I think this is my queue to stop buying her gizmos. She had experienced a moment of fashion twin zen the other day when she met a lady with the same handbag, only bigger; Silverlotus wished hers was just as massive, and the lady wished she could have purchased the more compact size.

All of this has made me notice something. As women get older, they accumulate more stuff, and their girl-sacks slowly get larger and larger, which is why you see octegenarians hauling tote bags around. I suspect that, in the future when healthcare and biotech has elongated the average human lifespan to 200 years, we’ll see bicentennials lugging purses the size of 5 gallon drums on their cybernetic forearms.

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