Small vectories

Remember when spaceship shoot’em ups cost $70 and took up an entire cartridge? Now they’re free for the PC, and they work with your gamepad too! (They are also all Japanese made, go figure)

* Cho Ren Sha 68K Translated as “Ultra Rapid Fire”, you’ll be blasting baddies Raiden-style.

* Warning Forever It’s just you and the “boss”, but what makes this game unique is that the bosses adapt to your attack patterns. For example, if you destroy a boss with close-range frontal assaults, the next boss will feature armour and rotating turrets on its bow.

* Torus Trooper A game of chicken, and a road to ruin. Travel as fast as you dare, while blasting or avoiding enemies.

In the PlayStation2: Katamari Damacy. It was only $26 on, and what a wacky addictive game it is. Very therapeutic to first be dwarfed by banana peels, and then eventually roll your way to success and crushing oil tankers with your fearsome, trippy katamari ball.

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