Five annoying cellphone ringtones around me

  1. Default Nokia Jingle – the flashing “12:00” of mobile devices
  2. Motorola Marketing Jingle – obnoxious electronica while a chip voice blurts out “Hello Moto!”
  3. Three-ring Chime – reminds me of the sound Daytona USA makes when you drive your car through a checkpoint. I want to yell out “Time Extension!” everytime I hear it
  4. Sappy Song Refrain – visualize the instrumentals of a Dan Hill lovesong made by last year’s Hong Kong pop idol
  5. Shrill Ring Set To Maximum Volume – And it’s always buried at the bottom of some woman’s three gallon purse

    “If you can get her to say my name then I would buy it. I need that kind of personal attention.”

    – New Yorker Julian McCullough, on Jenna Jameson’s new moaning ringtones

    Year of the Rooster

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