Take the car

Another year, another planned fare hike for the TTC. What really bugs people about these prices is how they now have to pay more to stand at a bonechilling bustop waiting for a late bus, which invariably is crowded and filthy.

Here’s my two tokens: most people take the TTC because they have no other choice. The management is not trying hard enough to get people to take it by free will. Their advertising slogan mocks me every time I get on a subway car: “TTC saves hassle, time, and the environment.” One out of three ain’t bad, but it’s time to work on the first two.

Museum subway stationFigure a way to reduce travel times!

Get streetcars to arrive consistently, and on time!

Don’t be so stingy with transfers, let us do roundtrips and stopovers!

Make it easier to track schedules! Hamilton has the BusCheck, where each bus stop has its own phone number where an automated voice tells you when the next bus is due to arrive.

Actually enforce the No Smoking by-law!

Give us a Metropass that actually costs less than buying 10 tokens per work-week! How about an adult commuter weekday-only pass that will actually save us money?