The real last mile

Complaining your DSL will only sync at 2.4 Mbps when next door gets 2.6Mbps? Put things in perspective, you could have lived in Mink, Louisiana. The small community just got telephone service.

BellSouth Corp. spent $700,000 – or about $47,000 per phone – to extend about 30 miles of cable through thick forests to Mink, about 100 miles south of Shreveport. Phone customers around the state will cover the cost by paying a small monthly charge on their bills.

Entering the 20th century called for a party:

The community celebrated with a fish fry Monday – gathering at a church and dishing out catfish, okra, hushpuppies and slaw to about 100 residents, friends, public officials and others.

Well, this is Louisiana. And it wasn’t all fun and games:

“It wasn’t 15 minutes after that phone was in before a telemarketer called me,” [Mink resident] Edwards said.

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  1. :ermm:Well it’s about time!! ;)I am from Lake Charles,La. originally & in a smaalll town but Thank God it wasn’t that remote!!! 😛 Chat Darlin’, bless thier little hearts!! :cool:.

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