Taking the plunge into SP2 but not holding my breath

I’ve finally upgraded my PC to WinXP SP2. I actually upgraded three PCs beforehand this week, so naturally, all the upgrades went without incident except MY OWN.

The problem: my once snappy computer took ages to bootup. It would sit for a minute on the “Welcome” screen, and then show my wallpaper in frozen silence for another minute before loading the desktop.

BootVis only gave me more questions. It actually recorded no CPU activity during the Welcome screen. My PC was just sitting there, twiddling its thumbs.

It wasn’t turns off UDMA in the IDE channels, instantly turning hard drives super-slow.

In dire instances, the BIOS will underclock the CPU and slow everything down. However, the BIOS looked okay.

I scandisked and defragged. I turned off Windows Firewall. I turned off a lot of Services I wasn’t using. I tried every Windows optimization guide on the Internet I could find. Still no joy. I went to bed unfulfilled.

Today, I tackled the problem with renewed vigour. I wasn’t going to stand for a 2min+ wait for a crummy machine!

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