They’re waiting for you, Gordon

The third gaming juggernaut of Fall 2004, Half-Life 2 (PC), has landed. The first two are, of course, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2) and Halo 2 (Xbox).

doom3 and hl2.gif

My local Futureshop ordered in 200 retail copies, and all but twenty was sold out when I went in at 5pm. All the ones with the main hero, theoretical physicist Gordon Freeman, on the cover were gone. Three Collector’s Edition boxes were left. I went with the regular copy with the female protagonist Alyx on the cover.

Vivendi QA issues: A nice employee was opening up all my retail box for me to check for CD rot. Sure enough, one of mine had a delaminated Disc 4. I had it replaced on the spot.

For a a game of this magnitude, there has been little talk of it on the net. Maybe GameSpy’s Daily Victim was right, you would never hear about the perfect game, because everyone would be doing nothing but playing it.

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