Games of the day

Panda Bounce Game It’s like Breakout. Click the panda to start the game. Use the mouse to move the trampoline so the panda can jump and catch fruit. Possibly the only time you will see pandas, squirrels and ninjas in an alliance against Vitamin C.

BBC’s Death in Rome Game You are a detective in ancient Rome, probing a citizen’s death. Luminol and DNA testing is still two thousand years away, so you’ll have to rely on clues at the death scene and interrogations of witnesses and historical experts.

In the PlayStation2: Burnout 3. IGN called this the best racing game ever, and while I wouldn’t go that far, I have the agree it’s a delight to play. What other racing game you know will reward you for driving badly? The controls and premise are simple: outrun your opponents by running them off the road. If Gran Turismo was the Ph.D of driving games, Burnout 3 would be Hooked on Phonics.

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