Streetcar named Irreverence

If you had to drive around hundreds of people a day, all with vary degrees of hygiene and politeness, you would be grouchy too.

Nevertheless, there are, in fact, nice public transit workers. Here’s a few bon mots I’ve heard TTC drivers say and who put a smile on my face:

* “I hate to sound like your nanny, but please look both ways before exiting the car. Cars today will just smash right into you. If you do plan to kill yourself today, please give me your money first.”

* “Attention: to your right we are passing a one horsepower vehicle.”

* “Next stop Niagara [Avenue], hang on to your raincoats.”

* “If you’ll be so kind, please move to the back. We are serving cocktails in the rear of the streetcar. [pause] And it’s on me.”

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