Sunday reading

“Yesterday morning started out with Wade Cunningham in the cafeteria of building 4. He’s the guy who invented the Wiki. He told me he’s learned about 100 computer languages from SmallTalk to Visual Basic to Perl. He likes denigrating himself: ‘I’ll forever be known for writing 1000 lines of Perl code.'”

Robert Scoble, Microsoft tech evangelist

Speaking of the devil, a clever hacker ran a spider against all English Word documents on and identified some juicy and potentially embarassing bon mots that were deleted but retained by MS Office’s oh-so-helpful revision tracking feature [via BoingBoing].

“Naturally, publishing documents with “collaboration” data is not unheard of in the corporate world, but the fact Microsoft had became a victim of their own technology, and had failed to run their own tools against these publications makes it more entertaining.”

From Michael Jackson’s Malt Whiskey Companion. I suspect this page turner is not penned by the jewelled glove wearing, baby dangling popstar we all know and love, but as you can see, there is no accompanying picture, which only adds to the mystery.