A way with words

First stop: David Weinberger, author of Small Pieces Loosely Joined, a book on the the concept of the web as a community, has transmogrified it to a 16-page version for kids, which means even I can understand it. It uses simple, natural language, yet remains engaging and uncondescending.

Second stop: terrible metaphors. They’re as amusing as watching Disk Defragmenter on your 10GB partition.

Last stop:

“I thought perfume was supposed to mix with the delicate natural scent of a woman’s own skin, creating a heady sublimity that gently whispered compliments to the nose’s ear; but no, apparently perfume is meant to be hosed into the air in regular increments as a sort of romantic nerve gas.”

Gizmodo on the SNIF, an electronic perfume dispenser to be worn by women