Converging towards the mind

Knowledge management consists of two key components: codification, and personalization. Codification is the act of amassing and archiving data and information. In this day and age, that means digitalization, databases and search engines. Personalization is the act of spreading knowledge through communication – email, blogging, wikis, plain ol’ social networking.

Nova Spivacks sees a near future where these two worlds will converge into a phenomenon he coins the “Metaweb”. Information will increasingly rich in content. With the inroads e-paper is making, one can conceivably have an interactive, immersive newspaper, or a televised videocast that can be observed from multiple angles and multiple personal perspectives.

Other products Spivack predicts are personal portals or “lifelogs” that record ones personal life experiences (leave it to Microsoft Research to be already working on this one in the form of the SenseCam).

Unified communications with persistent relationship management will be the norm (the Holy Grail, Universal Personal Telecommunications: one person, one phone number).

Corporate collaborative KM tools will also be so sophisticated, they function like a group mind. Other predicted creations are intelligent marketplaces (the descendants of eBay and Expedia) and decentralized, emergent communities (a higher form of today’s social software?).

Chart by Nova Spivack

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