I am the revolution

Kudos to Andrew Ironside – he was a geek voted to be valedictorian by the “popular” classmates as a stupid joke, but he had the last laugh.

Which is probably far more than what I would have done in his place. It’s just as well, since this situation would have never happened in my high school. Sadly, I cannot say it’s because my school was not full of petty, snickering teenagers who congregated in cliques; it was because valedictorian hopefuls had to consciously run as candidates.

I did get placed in my graduating yearbook as “Most Likely to Reach Puberty” by a part-time yearbook staffmember who used to bully a shorter, smaller me in Grade 9. Such creativity and hilarity! Frankly, if you read that sentence carefully, you would agree that he should have spent less time picking on people and more time polishing up on his English semantics.

They say high school are the best years of your life. That’s a total crock. It was only when I entered university that I met people who miraculously didn’t harass you because you thought or looked different from them.

Fortunately, as Andrew so helpfully pointed out, we generally never see any of our high schoolmates ever again.