Expert on many things

Pud, aka Phil Kaplan, a dotcom entrepreneur most famous for his F’dcompany site, seems to have entered the Dear Abby gig as well with his Ask Pud site. He dispenses sage advice on picking up women (“NEVER approach a girl standing alone”), how to eat healthy (“Chives”), and, of course, how to make it big (“Fear is the biggest obstacle”)

This site is interesting in that it cultivates Pud’s image as a paradigm-shifting, playboy jet-setter. Perhaps it is also a good indicator that a person need not know all the answers (for example, how can he know what the best swim-up bar in the world is? It is doubtful he has visited every swim-up bar in the world), but you give it your best shot and you deliver yourself with dignity and confidence.

For truly arcane technical questions, however, I look no further than Dan’s Data, where hardware (and a cat) is examined, and all manner of electrical and computer puzzles are solved.

And I must admit, Pud’s outlook on the IT economy isn’t enthralling: “Move to India”.