Who you gonna call? Ghostbloggers!

Doesn’t ghostblogging – hiring someone to write your blog – defeat the whole purpose of a blog – a hodge-podge of personal thoughts, nuggets of knowledge, opinions and musings?

Of course, the main issue is time. No one has time to write a dang diary.

A killer app would be a IP-enabled voice recorder that could convert speech into text and then publish into your blog. Or maybe an intelligent spider to pore over your Outlook calendar, vmail and email and formulate a witty entry du jour.

In any case, with the mainstream use of blogs, the usefulness of blogs will deteriorate. Investors will be peering at CEO’s blogs, CEO’s at underlings, adversaries at each other.

Ghostblogging is just the beginning. People are already being sued or fired for things they’ve written. How honest can you be?

I believe eventually, content in blogs will homogenize into emotionless corporate-approved boilerplate.