How do knights pay for things? They CHARGE them

Went to see the 2003 Dragon’s Lair Jousting Tournament at the John Labatt Centre last night. It was 2.5 hours long, but pretty interesting. They had mount games (gauntlet), duels with broad swords, spears, half-swords, and of course, jousting.

There are two kinds of jousting: light armour and heavy armour. Light armour weighs almost 90lbs., not including the lance. Heavy armour jousting is even more brutal; lances are snapped in two, and sometimes riders are knocked right off their horses when they plough into each other. Pretty odd seeing grown men walking around in full knight armour taking swigs out of Aquafina bottles, though. At least these geeks get some exercise.

Silverlotus had a brainstorm. If they marketed jousting right, it could be just as big as professional wrestling! Think about it, the target market is the same (bumpkins), the appeal is the same (the possibility of someone getting hurt), and the knights already make dramatic entrances with theme music.

Not enough wenches, though.