Return to 2016

On the personal front, 2016 for me was a year I learned a few things:

  1. Learned to pick padlocks, and then subsequently went out and replaced all my padlocks
  2. Taught my little one how to ride a bike in less than 4 hours
  3. Had my phone stolen, and realizing it was just a phone and replaceable
  4. Tried to be more handy – fixed the fireplace, installed the new washer (and fixed the subsequent leak), helped build a shed, fixed security sensors, replaced a headlight, and installed some shelves.
  5. Learned where my tire jack was after running over a piece of concrete at 70 kph
  6. Learned that buying things for life is a sound investment. So hello duvet, kettle and decent appliances.
  7. Got my orange belt in martial arts
  8. Learned a lot about website security and performance when troubleshooting massive server physical memory usage during the Christmas holidays

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