The ring that was heard around the world

Canada is still waiting (patiently, as Canadians are wont to do) for Apple’s iPhone, but analysts suggest it’s the iPhone’s spectre that has made Bell and Telus quietly drop their prices for data in the past six months:

Apple is squeezing carriers to chop their data rates to boost demand for its handset (or in Grant’s words, to set “plans that aren’t ridiculous,”) which has led to speculation that the reason iPhones aren’t sold here is Rogers’ reluctance to fall in line.

Prices are still absurd compared to those down south in the States, but both Bell and Telus now have 1GB for $100/mo. plans. Bell also now has a $75/mo. “unlimited”plan for their 3G wireless modem, and is selling an unlimited $7 data plan for the upcoming HTC Touch smartphone which is probably the closest Canada will get to an iPhone – for now.

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