I spy with my little eye on Google Maps

I know, you were just minding your own business. You were probably pensive and didn’t notice that tinted van driving past you that day. Even if you did, you definitely wouldn’t have guessed all those funny black boxes on its roof where rapid-fire panoramic cameras.  And I bet you didn’t realize that, several months later, the population of the Internet – that’s some 6.5 billion people – can now look at you, and we’re blogging and caching and archiving and indexing you for all of eternity:


Maybe you got lost and you wanted to ask for directions. Or your car broke down and you want to use a phone. Or it’s for a friend…yeah that’s it, a friend. Or maybe hey, sometimes a Daniel Steele novel just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Google Street View currently covers a handful of American cities. So for the watched, it’s become a bit of a privacy concern. For those of us who live outside these cities, it’s simply been good fun watching you guys.

Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

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