iPhone launches, smartphone market flips out

With the gadget world enthralled with Apple’s new touchscreen musicphone announced yesterday afternoon at CES 2007, the rest of the smartphone market takes a dive.

RIM was the biggest casualty, with their stock dropping over $10 in half a day.


And the phone is using the slow EDGE wireless Internet standard, and has no removable storage, all the while costing $500 with contract. The stock price of AT&T, the owner of Cingular Wireless, the exclusive provider for the Apple iPhone, only scooched up 1% or so. If anything, the Microsoft Zune (which is double the size and half the features of the iPhone, and MS just announced will be able to play games…in 2008) is the only real casualty here in the long term.

But it doesn’t matter – iPhone is already picking up the ladies: Silverlotus and Space Cadet are already coveting it.

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