When cells were called “cellular telephones”

We moved offices last month, and while everyone was in the throes of “Last Flight Out of Saigon”-type packing, I stumbled across these ancient beasts from the memory hole:


It’s a pile of Motorola MicroTACs and MicroTAC Elites and two Sony Clearnet models from the late 1980s, garnished with a relatively new Qualcomm 2700 (one of the best Qualcomm ever made) and a Samsung N400.

Oh the irony that their photo was taken by a current generation cellphone, one-quarter their size and weight!

One thought on “When cells were called “cellular telephones””

  1. Do you still have those two Motorola Microtac Ultra Lites as seen in the picture? I would REALLY like to purchase them from you! Seriously. 🙂 Thank you VERY much! -Kurt

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