Two if by train

Do I need more fun? How about taking the woman on a weekend getaway to Ottawa a couple weeks ago? We took a train to Ottawa (first class – that’s just how I roll), booked ourselves into the Marriott Ottawa and tickets to see the Canadian Museum of Civilization. On Saturday, we walked along the Alexandra Bridge, checked out the CMC, the 062%20Like%20Castle%20Grayskull%2C%20but%20better%20funded.jpg IMAX film (Greece: Secrets of the Past, narrated by Nia Vardalos! Yes she qualified herself by mentioning “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.) and the Petra exhibit, and then walked around the outskirts of Byward Market.

Unfortunately, by then Silverlotus caught my cold and was bed-ridden by Saturday evening and all of Sunday. However, despite having to feed her with a staple diet of McDonald’s strawberry milkshakes and Tylenol Flu, we still had a good time. We watched TV and watch a grandfather cheat in minigolf downstairs on the kid’s playground on the verandah below us.

*Reading*: Finished off _Robots and Empire_ and the Saturday Star (I like their new magazine article format).

*360 degrees*: A romantic dinner at the Merlot, in the revolving restaurant on top of the Marriott Ottawa. I had duck breast and she had prime rib, and damn was the food tasty. But for God’s sake, it’s 2006, get a website.

*6pm*: The time the entire frickin’ town closes up shop. Honest.

*7:15pm*: The time the hot tub closes. The only sign is a piece of paper taped to the actual hot tub. That made me sad. 🙁

*4-0*: The score for the Oilers vs. Hurricanes, Game 6, as we watched on in the hotel room. Silverlotus knows more hockey than I do.

*”Museum of Canadian Civilization”*: Silverlotus’s proposed name for the CMC, as __technically__ none of the rest of the world is in focus. Such a particular one when she’s ill.

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