Choice writing: Girl gamers and the games they love

Richard Corbett writes a withering mockumentary on how to write a “Girls in Games” article that would make a misogynistic Ferengi proud:

How you tackle this thorny issue will affect the whole tone of your cutting article. Refer to “Lara’s chest”, and you sound debonaire and suave, aware of the connotations, yet subtly removed from them. A sly reference to “Lara’s boobs” and you’re with the everyman; casual, yet aware. “Lara’s assets” show you as a dispassionate observer of life’s rich tapestry. And “Lara’s back! And her front too!” translates literally as “I am a man with no sense of humour.”

Discussion of character should be avoided at all costs; fighting the objectification of female game figures by ignoring irrelevant details like personality, background, stance, objectives, voice work, dialogue, relationships, and all that other junk, in favour of obsessing over breasts. You know. The important things.

He’s right too. Pretty much every article I’ve read about women and videogames seems to be from the perspective of a twelve year old, viewing the whole idea with such clinical fascination you’d think they were observing polar bear mating rituals. I can’t imagine what they must think when they find out women play hockey and change their oil too.

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