Diggler for Firefox 1.5

For my own sanity, and everyone else’s, here’s my modified Diggler extension that is compatible with Mozilla Firefox 1.5. I only changed the maxversion value. Everything else is the clever creation of former Netscaper Adam Lock.

1. Download Diggler 0.91
2. Drag it into your Firefox window to install.
3. Enjoy! It will automatically upgrade your old Diggler version if you have it installed.

UPDATE: I understand that Diggler has some sort of conflict with Tab Mix Plus v2.0. Since I’m not an extension developer nor do I use Tab Mix Plus, I can’t really say what the fix would be (maybe a shared variable name?). Besides, Diggler was released first.

UPDATE #2: Extension maxversion has been tweaked to support Firefox onwards to v1.6.

UPDATE #3: Diggler is now compatible with Firefox 2.0. Please go to this entry to get it.

14 thoughts on “Diggler for Firefox 1.5”

  1. Thanks for the diggler update. About George’s problem…the problem lies with tab mix plus. I’ve installed TMP before without diggler and had the exact same problem. I have since used other tab extensions.

  2. Another thanks. Seems to work for me. Just the maxversion value was it eh. It’s a shame the original developer seems to have abandoned it and couldn’t even update that value for us. Also too bad this gem is hidden far away from addons.mozilla.org, and people won’t find it unless they read the comments there. Oh well, Thanks again.

  3. 😀
    You Rule!

    I was getting depressed i couldn’t find a way to get Diggler to work,

    You just saved me about 50 mouse clicks and 300 keystrokes a day, 5 days a week! You Rule!

  4. Yet other thanks 🙂 I DO need this extension, I had to fight a bit to find it, then I succeeded. And you did too ! So many thanks !

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