Do the shuffle!

If you ever wondered how terrible legislation like the DMCA comes to be, all you need to hear is this excerpt of an interview between a Fox anchorman and the US president regarding his iPod music player:

Bush: All of these. I put it on shuffle. Dwight Yoakam. I’ve got the Shuffle, the, what is it called? The little.

Hume: Shuffle.

Bush: It looks like.

Hume: The Shuffle. That is the name of one of the models.

Bush: Yes, the Shuffle.

Hume: Called the Shuffle.

Bush: Lightweight, and crank it on, and you shuffle the Shuffle.

No truer, clearer words have been spoken about the Apple iPod since a speechless Seal blurted out, “This is the first of one of these things that makes me feel, Wow, OK!” in a 2001 promo video.

Shortly after:

Hume: So you don’t know what you’re going to going to get.

Bush: No.

Hume: But you know —

Bush: And if you don’t like it, you have got your little advance button. It’s pretty high-tech stuff.

I wonder if Apple has a patent on this “advance button”.

One thought on “Do the shuffle!”

  1. Screw the president story, this is a neat video you got there linked! The iPod was so thick in those days! 😀

    Seal also said in this video “Everyone’s gonna want one of these…”, I’m sure he didn’t expect to be so close to the truth!

    By the way you have the honor of having your blog linked to the holy website, so you probably got tons of visitors! I guess the video link helped 🙂

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