Toronto to Sudbury to Chapleau to Timmins and back

061%20Lamp%20fixture%20in%20Sudbury%20airport%20lounge.jpg This week, I have been traipsing around up in northern Ontario on a business trip. We’re bringing wireless broadband and next-generation IP applications to the small logging town of Chapleau. It’s a really nice, small community, the people are friendly, and the poutine is probably the best I’ve had in the province.

One thing is also gets is snow, and a heavy weather forced our 15-seat chartered turboprop to land in the small Sudbury airport for the night. We had a nice square meal at a place called Mr. Prime Rib, and headed out the next morning. I apparently fixed Sudbury airport’s Wi-Fi access while Chapleau plowed their runway and the mechanics de-iced our plane with a hand pump sprayer. In Chapleau, we hit the runway so hard we bounced back into the air; the pilot explained he was trying to avoid skidding on the icy surface.

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