6 things not to do at a Japanese restaurant

We saw a young couple beside us actually do these things when I took Silverlotus to the Yamato Japanese Restaurant in Yorkville for her birthday:

# Don’t give strange cheapskate drink requests, like “iced tea with a teeny, teeny, tiny bit of cranberry juice in it.”
# Don’t ask the waitress if you can have the teppan fried rice without the rice (“And give me twice the vegetables instead.”)
# Don’t pretend you’re rich by idly inquiring about the kobe beef special, find out it costs $75, and then change your order to the teriyaki special.
# Don’t suddenly announce to the waitress bringing your onion soup in beef broth that you are in fact a staunch vegetarian, and then instruct the waitress to dump it out and give you a nice miso soup instead.
# Do not then proceed to eat your salmon main dish (didn’t you know? fish grows on trees!)
# Don’t walk out leaving half of your painstakingly prepared teppanyaki meal untouched.

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