There’s art, and then there’s masterworks

Some works of art separates the boys from the men. This entry is dedicated to the demigods whose work has no equal.

rc_sunset0000.jpg pno0001.jpg

.kkrieger, chapter I
.theprodukkt is a talented demoscene group that have released their first FPS game. It has bumpmapping, particle effects, realtime shadows and dynamic lighting and supports DirectX’s pixel shader 1.3 effects. Oh, and it’s also only 96 KB. That’s right, they’ve crammed an AI, 3D rendering engine, soundtrack and textures in a file that’s smaller than this screenshot. You can strafe, and have access to five weapons. It is quite the memory hog, however – I had to turn off my AA and AF on my Radeon 9800 Pro to get an acceptable framerate – but that was a small price to pay to play an FPS that’s as small as Tetris.

HL-Rally Beta 1.0
And finally, one of the most anticipated and ambitious Half-Life modifications has finally landed, and thy name is HL-Rally. Five years ago, the HL-Rally team had the crazy notion to build a racing game with the Half-Life engine. In an engine designed for a first-person shooter, they’ve designed giant winding tracks with breathtaking vistas. Sure, the graphics are dated and there’s a lot of bugs, but you can’t just help but love it for its sheer spunk. You can even make your little car drift around corners, and the built-in music player lets you burn rubber to your MP3s, or even Internet radio.


A bit of urban art: incredibly decorated utility boxes. They look like JWIs (Junction Wire Interfaces), aka telephone crossboxes, to me.