Pretention in pretense

Checked out ROM’s new Eternal Egypt exhibit on Friday. It was mostly statues and ornamental slabs, but at least there wasn’t a pot shard to be seen. I still wish that the British Museum (where these pieces were loaned from) allowed guests to take pictures. Visitors aren’t even allowed to draw sketches on paper.

Speaking of information access, Silverlotus noted that while the pharaohs were regarded as living gods while they were still alive, in death their tombs were pragmatically robbed by thieves and their names strickened from public records by political rivals. This is why pharaohs had their names carved in so many places; hopefully, the thieves and politicians would miss a spot.

A visit to the ROM goes hand in hand with a stop at Greg’s Ice Cream, a small hole in the wall that serves outstanding ice cream. For me, it was a Roasted Marshmellow and Root Beer float. For the lady, a Banana Toffee ice cream and a Strawberry and Coke float.

On Saturday, we went over to the Cheese Boutique to pick up some jalepeno-studded Havarti and aged Jarlsberg Norvegian (a Baby-Swiss). Also tried two kinds of Quebec Artisan cheese, hand made from raw milk. Apparently they squeeze the rinds daily, making a creamy cheese that tastes virtually like butter.

Had to hurry and finish up most of the cheese for dinner; the Jarlsberg was starting to harden. In the modern world of perservative-added freeze-dried food, we totally didn’t realize the fresh cheese would go bad so soon.

A little gourmet never hurt anyone. On the other hand, Epicurious featured a delightful article on getting into the ritziest restaurants in New York. It’s this quote that does it for me:

“I was clearly in another league of exclusivity. Lay eaters wouldn’t dream of trying to enter a restaurant where if you order verbena tea they bring the plant to your table and a white-gloved waiter snips the leaves with silver shears.”

Now THAT’s prententious! :rambo: