A nice ring to it

Thanks to cellphones with polyphonic sound processors, the world has re-embraced the MIDI. The problem is, most songs sound appalling in MIDI form – although this doesn’t stop people from sticking it on their cellphones.

MIDIs have a limited range, which is why I believe people should stick to polyphonic tones of the following two music genres – techno and Super Nintendo music. Let’s be honest, no one wants to hear Beethoven’s Ninth squawking on your phone in 16-bit beeps and bleeps.

What’s on my phone:
With Caller ID: Final Fantasy – Prelude (aka “the crystal cave music”)
No Caller ID: Chrono Trigger – Fragment of a Dream

I’ve never actually played any of these games, but the tones sound nice as MIDIs. No overly high pitched notes, and no aggressive melodies.

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  1. Is it a bug? Hmm, that one just went thru when I submitted a comment thru the “Linkified” link.

    It doesn’t go thru the “Comments” link.

    Oh well, I was just saying that the polyphonic ringtone is just sweet. Where did you get it from?

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