Lunch on Tuesday

I really should write more about my personal life. It’s just not very interesting, in my opinion.

Had lunch with the ol’ university gang at Duke of Westminster last Tuesday. The Duke isn’t my first choice because I just don’t feel inspired by their menu, but it happened anyway. It’s the closest restaurant to Frenchy’s work. Being in the basement of First Canadian Place, the Duke is also noted for being a giant dead zone; cellphones don’t work. On Tuesday, I met a businessman outside shivering and fiddling with his Blackberry.

The chuckle du jour: businessmen in front of us in line asking the maitre’d, “Can we have a spot that’s quiet?” Considering that the Duke’s mean sound level is probably 40dBA, they should have went to McDonald’s instead. Why, they could then even surf the Internet wirelessly on their laptops!

Over a surprisingly moist chicken pot pie, baked beans and buttered peas, BigPoppa regaled us with his recent pilgrimages to the Big Apple. His employer has been shipping him out there three weeks out of four for the past couple months. It has become an excellent opportunity to bulk up on Starwood membership points and build an impressive hotel shampoo collection. In his recent trip, he checked into an Executive Club King room at the Westin New York at Times Square. It comes with a “Heavenly BathSM” – a specially designed bathtub with two showerheads and an arched shower curtain rod so your right elbow and the curtain will never touch, ever again.

But travelling is not all fun, games and chocolates on your pillow. It can be lonely. It’s just you, in a big hotel room in the big city, eating by yourself. That’s why I brought Silverlotus with me on my trips to Toronto.