“I’ll do the glass o’ water too”

V has a bit of a problem. It appears that someone is entering his apartment…and just moving stuff around. Yesterday, he came back and his computer was off. And his door was unlocked.

The landlord doesn’t know anything about it, and nothing has apparently been taken, but he’s understandably a bit pissed.

So I ICQ’ed him and suggest using a thin piece of scotch tape and tape the door to the door frame. Silverlotus suggested giving a warning shot: getting a glass of water, and arrange it so it’s right behind the door. If someone comes in, then they’ll be a big splash.

Anyway, we wished him luck and went off to see Matrix Revolutions (taking advantage of Rockwater’s Dinner and Movie deal for perhaps the last time).

When we came back, I discovered that V has devised a plan that every geek would be proud of. He installed a keylogger on his PC and bought a cheap webcam. He then rigged the ‘cam to record when it detects motion, and upload images to his FTP server!

He promises he’ll use the glass of water trick too.

2 thoughts on ““I’ll do the glass o’ water too””

  1. The Glass o’ Water: Finale

    V has finally figured out who was entering his apartment, and touching his stuff. It turns out the landlord’s preteen daughter and her friend decided to play hooky from school that week and, having nowhere to hide, lifted Daddy’s master…

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