Save Our Screens

euphoria.jpgReally Slick Screensavers: Some very nice, free, open-source, cross-platform screensavers powered by OpenGL – and they’re less than 1MB.

They work in Windows, and there are ports available for Linux and OSX.

My favourite is Euphoria, on the left. It is 190KB. As you can see, 3D Pipes’s got nothing on it.

Fear and loathing (NSFW)

Cursed Asian Man, Simon has Ten Commandments for you.

Artist Derek Kim insists he is not Simon, but you can’t help but notice that all of Derek’s protaganists, from Simon to Onde Pik, are freelance cartoonists from California who have self-esteem issues. I should know, I’ve been through that self-hatred thing before. But it appears that, even when you’re dealt a bad hand, you have the make the most out it.

Once you’ve had your fill of self-loathing, have a dose of shaudenfreude by reading other people’s anonymous confessions.

In the D drive: Bloodrayne, Need for Speed Underground

Notable quotes:

Rayne runs faster and can jump higher than a repeat offender on “Cops”.

– Readme.txt for Bloodyrayne