Bell chooses Lucent for Sympatico

Bell has announced that their residential ADSL service, Sympatico High Speed, will be powered by Lucent DSLAMs and RSLAMs from now on.

It’s a bit surprising, as the current ADSL platform is currently run on Alcatel equipment, and some of stuff is brand new. Bell has just finished purging the last dregs of their old Nortel DBIC equipment.

The Stinger FS+ will replace the Alcatel DSLAMs in the COs, and the Stinger remotes will replace the existing RSLAMs. NaviAccess is management software for the machinery. At the very least, the Stingers are denser boxes (the FS+ has 13,000 subscriber ports), so Bell can increase their user capacity without wasting more space.

It appears this change is in line with the Next Generation Network Bell is currently building. It’s still a few years away, but DSLAMs are not the only things Bell is buying from the Big Red Circle – the AnyPath messaging system closely follows Bell’s intent to have a rugged VoIP infrastructure. With AnyPath, you can play back your voicemail, faxes, SMS messages and email from a phone, computer or wireless PDA. (Bell is also interested in video-on-demand – Microsoft’s IPTV digital television technology is currently on trial.)

So change is good, and embrace the new hotness.