Notable quotes

“Your personal income is the biggest loophole; I can drive my Hummer through it.”

movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger to
political commentator Arianna Huffington during a California recall debate.

“We get what we have now: a system that can be brought down by a teenager with too much time on his hands. Should we blame the teenager? Will that actually fix anything? No. The next geeky kid frustrated about not getting a date on Saturday night will come along and do the same thing without really understanding the consequences. So either we should make it a law that all geeks have dates – I’d have supported such a law when I was a teenager – or the blame is really on the companies who sell and install the systems that are quite that fragile.”

– Linus Torvalds on IT security, interviewed by New York Times Magazine 28 Sep 2003

“It’s so typically Canadian. The pioneer spirit still burns. They want to see if they have the toughest weather strictly for bragging rights.”

– Senior climatologist Dave Phillips of Environment Canada, on having received calls from outraged people in municipalities that rank No. 2 in environmental statistics. Interviewed by London Free Press 30 Sep 2003

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  1. “I think Arnold woulid make a good governor for California. In 1978, he was Mr. Universe and I think he got a lot of experience when he was in charge of the universe.”
    – Some 17 year old HS student

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