All I got was this lousy blog entry


Hello from the Microsoft Museum! It’s a pretty funky place. More importantly, they have lots of flat panel PCs for Internet access. I’ll probably hang around here, go look for the “Walk of Fame”, and then head back to downtown Seattle.

I’m impressed by the infrastructure here. MSN Internet kiosks in every lobby, parking garages at every building, free shuttles across the campus (and each one is complete with a bucket of sweets). It’s refreshing to see a company that is progressive to do whatever it takes – even if it’s pool tables or arcade games in the lobbies – to make their employees as comfortable as possible, and ergo, as productive and loyal as possible.

Shell got a 19″ Trinitron in her office, and they’ll be replacing that with a LCD flatscreen and adding a TabletPC. Sure, MS works their workers to near-death, but at least they get free pop to drink…