I was still pretty sore from my trek of Mt. Rainier on Sunday, so I took it pretty easy today. Walked around Bellevue downtown, which is pretty much consists of 6 blocks of suburbian monolithic stores. It’s interesting how slightly different America is to Canada. First of all is their ugly light green money. Second of all, they get a lot more variety in everything. For example, their CompUSA had modded Antec aluminum computer cases with prefabricated windows on sale, the sort of things you would have to pay a premium on at some specialty casemod store in Toronto.

However, I am not convinced that the US is “where the money is”. Sure, the salaries are roughly double ours, but the food can be easily twice more expensive over there. At QFC (a supermarket chain), a can of Campbell’s soup cost me $2.50 CAN.

On a better note, they have the Cartoon Network and SpikeTV, so I actually got to see Big O and The A-Team. USA! USA!