Baby Man loves cars. He drives them around in the bathtub. He drives them around in his bed. He points them out on the Auto Trader when we walk past a news box in his breathless and inexplicably Boston accent (“Itsa cahh!”). He’s even learned to play Need for Speed and its ilk on our computers. And probably the only person in the world that has been forced to watch the film Cars more than my wife is Pixar director Andrew Stanton.

Still, I suppose it beats loving bugs. That is, those not made by Volkswagen.

Could you eat 450 hot dogs in a month?

Before you answer, consider this – that’s an average of 15 wieners a day. That’s a lot of nitrates.

A student from my alma mater attempted to do just that for the month of April on a bet with his roommate. There was $1,500 on the line. It’s McMaster University so I’m compelled to root for it, regardless if it is for academic or gastrointestinal fame.

At least he has a good attitude about it. Easy come, easy go:

We do make crazy and stupid bets all the time. I guess we just like to bet on things because gambling on every day things makes them way more interesting and unless you run really well most of the money is just going to get passed back and forth. Well until you make a huge month long eating bet anyway. I hope I don’t lose this money back to him in May.

Yes, he won. Fans are already urging him to put the proceeds toward a $1,000 buy-in for an online poker tournament.