TSS Demo: quantaMod

A fun little game you should definitely try out is TSS Demo, as seen at the foremost computer wizardry convention known as Assembly04. Only 10MB, it emulates a Grand Theft Auto-type immersive world of fast cars and vast landscapes for havoc.

I’ve had so much fun with it, I made a few modifications to the configuration files and soundtrack. Therefore, I am proud to present TSS Demo: quantaMod 1.1.

Since there doesn’t seem to be a way to contact the original authors, this is my attempt to work with the initialization scripts and sounds to enhance the gameplay. However, I can only tweak what Aukiogames has already implemented in the binary code; I cannot add any new features. I hope Aukiogames releases an update version of TSS for the public to enjoy!

All models, animations and game engine are the creations and property of Aukiogames.

New Features

* Day/Night Cycles (but not as fast as NullZilla’s)
* More cars, all drivable!
** Big Coupe, Small Coupe, Semi Truck, Rolls Royce, Police LandRover
* Names of cars appear when you enter a car
* Player Model (Guy with afro) is also a pedestrian
* New camera views:
** Chase view
** Slot view (high chase view for tall vehicles)
** First person view (doesn’t work in semi well)
** Wheelcam view
** Goodyear blimp view
* New Radio Music
** The original 4 tracks, 4 new tracks by NullZilla, and 7 new tracks by quanta!
* New crash sfx
* Easier to get inside houses (by NullZilla)


# Download and unzip TSS demo.
# Download and unzip quantaMod into the same folder, overwriting files as needed.
# Run Config.exe to set up video options.
# Click Game.exe and play!